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Paddlesport Safety

  • Check the weather
    • Water+ air temperature
    • Water depth / discharge rate cubic feet per second (cfs)
    • Incoming storms
    • Prepare for the worst
    • is a great resource for water info
  • Know the hazards
    • Get local information on strainers, rocks, rapids et c.
  • Wear a Life Jacket
  • Be Noticeable
    • Wear bright clothing
    • Have a whistle
    • Lights are required at night
  • Don’t mix alcohol and paddling
  • Dress for immersion, not air temperature
    • Water pulls heat from your body faster than air, and is commonly colder than the air
    • Be prepared based on the water temperature.
    • Water temperatures under 70 degrees warrant use of a wetsuit or drysuit.
  • Have a plan and let someone know
    • Go with other people or
    • Let a trusted person know your plan and when you should be done.
  • know an exit strategy and closest medical help
  • Gain confident safety skills with a paddling safety course



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