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Helmet fitting

Helmets come in various sizes, they are all sized based around the circumference of the head. Better fitting and better feeling helmets are more likely to be utilized regularly and safer for you. Consider the activity you are doing and you may find a particular style helmet has a feature you may like.

Use a tape measure wrapped around your head just above your brow by about an inch to find the measurement for the largest part of you head. If you don’t have a tape measure a string will do, mark where the string overlaps and lap it out over a ruler. most helmets have a range they can accommodate. follow the steps below to fit a helmet or ask one of our trained staff to help you.

Rest the helmet on your head with the shell fit dial all the way open, if the helmet doesn’t rest full on your head and is sitting above it it by an inch and rest on the sides of your head try the next size up. If it does rest well on your head then start to turn the dial fit on the back of the helmet or other shell fit adjuster to adjust the tension to the point where it is not uncomfortably tight but if you move you r head around it will still stay with your head and move with you.

There is a strap buckle just below the ear that is adjustable, some clasp together while other slide along the strap. moving the buckle around will allow you to comfortably set its position below your ear.

The next adjustment to be made is the chin strap, these straps adjust right at the buckles. lock the buckles together, try talking and breathing, then put a few fingers between the strap and your chin. If it is uncomfortable to talk or breathe it is can be loosened, If it can be slid off your chin easily with more than 2 fingers fitting underneath it is loose. Adjusting the straps is done by pushing or pulling material through the buckle. I find this easier to adjust off the head.

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